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Beautiful Locations for your Family Memories

One of the most stressful decisions many of my clients have to make is where to take the photos. It is not unusual that even though many of my clients have been in Edmonton for many years, they are not familiar with many beautiful parks that exist in every neighborhood. This may be a reason you don't even take the first step of contacting a photographer. After all, you want the pictures to look great and without a nice location you may not get that and are not sure whether the photographer can help or not.

That's where you can leave the decision of finding the most convenient and beautiful location to me. Over the years, in fact 10+ years, I have visited almost every park that exist in Edmonton where the pictures come out great. No matter where you live in Edmonton or its surrounding areas, I can find the most convenient yet picturesque location for your family photos. I will do this after consulting with you. Note that when you work with me, it is more than just taking photos. I will be there all the way from the very moment you contact me to the day of the shoot to photo delivery. I am confident that our relationship will continue for many years to come as is the case with many of my clients for whom I have become their "Family Photographer."

Contact me at (780) 919-4125 or email me at

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1 Comment
Mar 21, 2022

Having a photographer who guides the clients all the way is very important. Great to see you are building strong relationships with your clients. Keep it up.

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