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Reinventing Yourself

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

There is nothing wrong in creating images that could tell a story about yourself. In many cases, either you haven't done a photo shoot or you have done one long time ago. Either way, a time comes when you need to see yourself in a different light. The goal of this photo shoot was just that.

Since we are going through a devastating third wave of Covid-19, we decide to do the shoot outdoors where a safe distance can always be maintained. The weather was perfect for a photo shoot like this. We decided to go to Downtown and the River Valley to create different types of background landscape. One great thing about Edmonton is that you can go from an urban landscape to the beautiful nature of the River Valley with a 10 minute walk. In fact, depending on where you are in Downtown, you are in fact on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. You are on the River Valley.

Every photo shoot has a reason. And they are varied. It could be as simple as simply feeling good about yourself or just to create some memories. Sometimes, it is work related. For family shoots, it is mostly create memories. A lot of discussion goes into creating something special. The more I know about the reason, the better the outcome. Communication before a photo shoot is critical.

In a day and age when the smartphone photos are so ubiquitous, it is still something special when someone wants to work with a photographer to create something unique. While smartphones can take great photos, they are still nowhere near what a pro gear and a pro photographer can do.

Every session is important and this was no exception. The goal is simple, to create something that both of us can feel good about. I personally think the photos from this session achieved its desired goal.

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