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Bridal Portraits at the Abraham Lake - Pt. 2

From the Belly of the Abraham Lake, we went to a location where you have a small hill to climb and can take breathtaking photos. The wind gusts were still severe here, in fact I would think it was probably worse, especially at the hilltop. Both of us were eager to create some memorable shots so going up the hill seemed inevitable. While it was not fun to get up there, the end result was quite satisfying.

This location will only be accessible during winter months since the water recedes far enough that you can walk upto the hill. In summer months, there will probably be at least 10 feet of water. This is a location that would be a dream come to any bridal party. Unfortunately, it is just going to be accessible in summer months.

While the wind gusts were bone chilling, it did help us to take some epic images where the gown could naturally flow in the air. The hair was all over the place but I think that was great too. Michelle was keeping herself warm in between shots with her jacket.

Abraham Lake is an area where you can explore for years and there will still be locations you haven't explored. This was my first time doing a styled bridal shoot and I am quite confident it won't be my last. In fact, my goal will be to do an actual wedding photography in this location. Just have to find a client now!

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