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Grand Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

A catholic church wedding ceremony is always a grand affair. Everything about it is as solemn as it is a pious affair. It is two individuals in front of God declaring their love and commitment for an eternity. For the photographer, it is important to capture the emotions. It is also important to capture the atmosphere as well the precious moments that present itself. A visit to the church during the rehearsal is a must. In this way, the photographer can make sure that he knows exactly when each activity will take place so nothing is missed.

Conversation between the photographer and the couple is extremely important to ensure that the photographer is aware of all the important details. Every wedding has its uniqueness and it is important for the photographer to know what they are and when they are going to occur. The last piece of information is important because the sequence of the unique activities must be known so that the photographer is ready for that.

The key to stunning photos at a Ceremony is always about good chemistry between the photographer and the couple. BlueSky Fotography is always about ensuring a great chemistry and ensuring that there was good conversation before the big day. BlueSky Fotography almost always participates in the rehearsal so that there will be no surprises.

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Feb 02, 2020

Great wedding photos.


Sadia Nowrin
Feb 02, 2020

Beautiful wedding.

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