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Family Photography in Fall

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

While Christmas may be the most beautiful time of the year for many good reasons, when it comes to photography, I think it is the Fall season that takes that mantle. The colors of fall throughout Edmonton is just stunning. The time is between mid-September to mid-October. This is also a popular time for family photography. Creating family memories in the midst of beautiful natural colors, who can resist that. No matter which park you go to in Edmonton, you are bound to find beautiful colors as a nice backdrop.

Two of my favorites spots in South/Central Edmonton is Millcreek Ravine and Whitemud Park. These two combined, you have a river, different types of bridges, many creeks, stairs, tree lined pathways, and many nooks and corners where you can create nice backdrops.

As I am writing this, the 2020 fall season for photography is almost over. Even though we had Covid-19, fall photography never slowed down simply because you can do the shoot very safely as you hardly get close to your clients. I think every family should at some point in their life take advantage of this beauty that Edmonton has to offer. Yes, iPhone is fine for everyday use, but for truly creating some stunning memories that you can treasure a lifetime (and print, note you can't print iPhone photos) , get a photographer. You will definitely feel it was well worth it. Enjoy some of the fall family photos of 2020.

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Nov 14, 2020

Beautiful family photos.


Sadia Nowrin
Nov 14, 2020

Love fall in Edmonton. Every family should create memories like this.

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