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Fable Gardens Wedding

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Morinville is a small town approx. 40km north of Edmonton. A quiet town with a big heart. The wedding at its beautiful Fable Gardens proved that you don't need anything fancy to make your day special. It is always the people.

The bride booked me almost a year and a half ago. In between, the pandemic hit so it was not certain whether this one will also get rescheduled. It didn't and I am glad that I could capture this beautiful couple's wedding during the pandemic safely.

More after the photos......

The drive to Morinville itself is a real beauty to behold during fall times as rural Alberta is simply breathtaking at that time. When I went there, I was pleasantly surprised by the venue. You don't expect a venue like this in a small town. Even the City of Morinville feels like a big city as you drive through it.

The wedding was just the Ceremony and the Portrait session. Due to the pandemic, there was no Reception. It was an overcast day with high teens temperature. Perfect for creating stunning photos. After months of anticipation for a wedding at a small town, it totally exceeded all my expectations. The couple had such a big heart. Their family and friends were very cooperative during the portrait session. The bridal party was amazing. Everyone was having a great time which was reflected in the photos.

I am sure you would agree that the photos turned out to be stunning. Another wedding, another opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. For someone who is passionate about photography, that's the ultimate prize!

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2 commentaires
14 nov. 2020

You are such a talented wedding photographer. Keep up the good work.


Sadia Nowrin
14 nov. 2020

Beautiful wedding album. Love it. Will go to visit the Fable Garden someday.

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