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Covid-19 Wedding in May

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The World is dealing with Covid-19. Pretty much everything has changed. Some are saying life as we know it may change forever. Like many things, a lot of 2020 weddings have been postponed. In most cases, if a wedding had to occur for whatever reason, it was nothing like a normal wedding. Covered one such wedding in May when things were still in pretty much lockdown and the 5-person restriction was still in play.

As you can imagine, it was a very low key, Ceremony only wedding where there was a total of five person present, including myself. The wedding was at one of the most scenic places you can imagine, at a high rise balcony in Downtown Edmonton with full panoramic view of Edmonton. The photos came out stunning. While life stopped for many, I was just happy that I could create some stunning memories for this couple during one of the worst crises the world has faced in a generation.

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Sadia Nowrin
Jul 06, 2020

Love it. Great job!

Jul 06, 2020


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