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Bridal Portraits at the Abraham Lake - Pt. 1

First time shooting at the Abraham Lake was simply an amazing experience. I have decided to break down the experience into multiple blogs because there is lot to tell and I think cramping everything in one will not do justice to the experience.

Initially my plan was to do just landscape. In the end, I thought it would be great to have someone to shoot with. I always wanted to do a bridal styled shoot there and eventually that's how it turned out. I put out a request for a model and Michelle Bossert from Drayton Valley showed interest in doing a bridal shoot with her gowns. If you don't know, her gowns are amazing, especially bridal ones. I am really glad it was her because she turned out to be the perfect person for the day given the conditions we had.

Although we were supposed to meet at a specific location, we ended up meeting on the side of the road. Since Michelle was running a bit late, I was driving slow on the highway and thought I should pull over and go back to the spot again. As soon as I stopped on the side of the road, I could see someone slowing down too, stopped and asked if I am the one (you can tell this is the first time we met). I knew right then that this whole thing will go well. If someone has the sixth sense to know that someone pulling over on the side of the road could be her photographer, then you know she knows how to make a shoot go well. And it did!

The first location we choose was called the Belly of the Abraham Lake. With water receding, you have something of a beach. This is Abraham Lake and if you have ever been to the Lake, you know the wind is a staple here. That day, it was no exception. We were lucky that it was approx. 8 degrees and sunny. But don't let that fool you. The wind made the wind chill wicked and it was bone chilling. If it wasn't relatively a good day, we would have had to cancel. We have had a warm winter here in Alberta so far and that made this shoot possible. Let's not forget, the wind sometimes made it difficult to stand still. Michelle being the consummate professional, show cased multiple outfits and made it look easy.

Here are the images from the Belly of Abraham Lake.

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