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Advanced Professional Headshot

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Recently, I learned some new techniques to enhance the looks for a professional headshot. I have been applying those techniques for the last couple of months and I do think the results are quite stunning. Granted I am blowing my own horn here but even my clients are being wowed. That's when you know that it is good.

I just finished delivering the images for this client and thought would write something about this one. She is the wife of a former client. This is always good when you have someone come to you because you have done a good job before. She is camera shy but with the right amount of direction and help, anyone can help the photographer get good shots. Kudos to her to have the courage to hire a professional photographer to get her photos done that she plans to use on LinkedIn and other professional settings.

Overall, I am quite happy with how things have turned out with this session.

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