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The Beauty of Nature

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

When you have so much beauty around you, it is hard not to capture if you know anything about photography. While there are professional nature photographers whose livelihood depends on it, most other photographers are drawn to nature because they can't help it. It doesn't matter whether you are a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, at some point or another, you have taken nature photos. No exception in my case. Simply put, capturing beautiful nature photos is a passion of mine. I am naturally drawn to it. While I am nowhere near what you would call a good nature photographer, the thing is that's not important to me or any other photographer for that matter. I just try to capture what I can and love to share.

The sharing part is important. Whether the images are good or not, it is something I love to do. In the process, if someone loves even one image, that's good enough. I have posted a select group of nature photos I have taken over the years. These are by no means comprehensive, but these do capture a good selection of all the photos I have captured.

Feel free to share.

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