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April Snow in Edmonton

Every year, a major snowfall will create some very nice landscape in Edmonton. By this time, most of the rivers, lakes, etc. have flowing water. You are starting to see Spring in the landscape. But then you have a snowfall with the white creating some very nice contrast. If you have a nice clear and sunny day right after the snowstorm before the snow melts, you can get some really stunning view.

This time around, the snow just melted within a very short period of time, in fact, it didn't even last 24 hours. I went out in the afternoon, was waiting for the sky to clear so that I will have the blue sky with some nice clouds (yes, I have to have the blue sky with clouds). I could still capture some of the snow contrasts in the ground.

Most of the pictures are in and around the River Valley in Edmonton with some of the views of Downtown Edmonton. Some of the angles are new to me as I could go to a new pedestrian bridge that has been opened very recently. Getting access to this bridge meant some new angles of the Downtown. The area is still under construction due to the Valley Line LRT. I will surely be coming back to this place in summer and fall.

Overall, it was still worthwhile to spend some time in the outdoors, especially during Covid when more restrictions have been put in place recently.

Enjoy the photos.

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