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Explore Edmonton River Valley - Ep. 2: Early Fall

Updated: Jan 3

The four seasons in Edmonton are quite distinct. It is hard to pick one over the other in terms of beauty. However, if I am to pick one, it would certainly be Fall. The peak fall colors are just breathtaking, especially around River Valley. The combination of the River Valley and Fall colors in Edmonton could easily be the most colorful thing you would see anywhere in the world.

Today's pictures capture the early fall colors. In about a week or so, the colors will peak. Hoping to capture them.

If you are wondering about the location of the stairs, then keep reading after you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you for reading this far. I have to say I lied a little bit. I am not going to reveal the location just yet because I am yet to explore the area fully to recommend to anyone. I hope that you at least enjoyed the pictures.

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