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Explore Edmonton River Valley - Ep. 1: Footbridge

Edmonton's River Valley never ceases to amaze. There are just too many areas here to explore in a lifetime. While I have already been to some of the river valley areas, I have come to realize that there are just too many that I wasn't even aware of. It is sort of like "you don't know what you don't know" kind of scenario. The goal is to get to know. So, I have decided to explore what Edmonton's River Valley has to offer from end to end, as much as possible. The name of the adventure, "Explore Edmonton River Valley." It is a multi year mostly summer adventure starting in 2020. As part of this series, there will be many posts, sort of like a Documentary, this is Episode 1.

Had to start somewhere. It just so happens the honor goes to a beautiful footbridge, one of many on the North Saskatchewan River.

Keep reading if you want to know the name of the place and how to get there!

Like many of the river valley places, it is very much part of the City landscape and you almost miss it. While I have been to this area many times, never realized that such a beautiful bridge and place is right around the corner. The drive itself suddenly transitions from homes and apartments to a dirt road to a place where you never imagined something as beautiful as this could exist. Some of the houses here definitely enjoy the quietness that you won't find anywhere else.

The name of this place is "Fort Edmonton Footbridge." How do you get there? Just do a Google search of Fort Edmonton Footbridge and it will take you there. A place where you have pretty much of everything.

Let's enjoy our beautiful River Valley.

AND, don't forget to press the red "Heart" sign once you are done!

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